Storage & Handling


We are proficient at looking after various crops for our worldwide based customers.

We handle immense volumes of Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut, and Onions through the site, along with smaller volumes of many other crops. Because of this we run stores at a number of different temperature regimes and we store product for variable lengths of time. 

There are numerous white wall stores and each store has its own refrigeration or temperature control system so we are able to cater for the individual needs of a wide range of crops. 

Stock is generally quality controlled in to store and we monitor and alert customers if we see any potential issues arising. You have full access to your stock at any point and we welcome site visits. 

We work hard to ensure customer confidentiality and segregate customer stocks where possible. 

All stock is given a unique reference number on arrival (usually customer generated) and this number follows stock through site to ensure full traceability.  We run a modern stock control software package and stock sheets are issued daily, or as often as required by the customer.