Our staff have years of combined experience of the produce industry. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and our aim is to exceed expectations whenever possible. 


We have a size grading line for potatoes and onions. It is designed with damage-free handling and high output in mind. We have the option of producing five sizes at any one time with a vast choice of different screens available to meet the needs of all customers.  The grading line has six foot grading modules with individual agitation.  We can discharge from, or load to, bulker, box or Jumbo bag. When grading we can use Mason boxes or we can grade back into your own as our box fillers are designed to accept boxes of different heights. Boxes off line are labelled with the unique reference to ensure full traceability is maintained. 


We also have a small washer barrel on site. It is fed via a box tipper and the washer is designed to be as gentle as possible. The product travels over sponge drier rollers and then on to a post washing inspection belt.

We are one of the few sites in the country that has a licence to wash Egyptian potatoes as they are subject to tight control in the UK 

Handling and Redistribution

We are able to unload, look after and redistribute your stock. We are also a site that will handle your “problem” loads where a bag has tipped over and the load needs straightening. 


We are able to handle and pack your raw material in a wide range of ways. We can pack outer sizes from jumbo bags down to 500g poly. We have the capability to pack hanging net, paper, hessian or polyprop bags from 4kg to 25kg and cartons from 5kg to 25kg. We can also pack into poly bags from 500g to 3kg. There are a number of multihead weighers on site for the packing lines and an automatic palletiser to ensure your product looks at its best when stacked so it will stand out from the crowd in the markets or depots. Once packed the product is stored in temperature controlled ventilated stores, awaiting re- distribution. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and we believe in diversifying and advancing hand in hand with our customer base and we are always open to looking at new types of packing should you have a need for us to.